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Are the ceramics resistant?
At XarazArte, the painted ceramics go through the first process of firing, called the bisque firing at a temperature of 940° and again, after applying the glaze, it goes through a second firing at 955° which gives the ceramics its optimal resistence.
Are the ceramics Microwave safe to use?
Yes, they are.
Handle carefully after taking out because, differently from porcelain, it can overheat a bit.

Are the ceramics Oven safe to cook?
Yes, they are.
We advise you to place the ceramics in the middle of the oven, on top of the oven grill and at an ambient temperature avoiding thermal shock by gradually heating. After taking it from the oven, you should also avoid placing the hot ceramic on top of a cold surface (like granite, marble or inox) preferably choosing a wood, cork or fabric surface.
Are the ceramics Washing machine safe to use?
Yes, they are.
You can also choose to wash by hand with hot water and normal detergent using a soft sponge.

Is it normal for mold to appear on the stored ceramics?
When storing your ceramics in a cupboard, make sure they are well dry, because if they are wet or humid and you store them for a while without using, mold can appear. It is perfectly normal and has to do with the porosity of the clay that assimilates the humidity.

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